Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet #1) Review

Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet, #1)**2 stars**
July 31, 2012
Hardcover Edition

WARNING!  This review does contain spoilers.  If you wish to read the review without the spoilers, please pop over to the review on Goodreads.

It took a little while to actually get into the book, but once the story started to come together and I started to figure out what was going on in the book, I enjoyed it a little more. I am interested in learning more about synesthesia, which I had never heard of until reading this book. In general, I didn't really connect with the characters at all. Alison's parents and Melissa weren't really developed as much as I would have liked. They seemed to just randomly pop up for a few pages then disappear into oblivion again. The story itself seemed to focus more on Alison's time in the psych ward and not really on the "main plot."  Spoiler [Once it was finally revealed that there are, in fact, aliens involved in this whole thing I just got bored. I feel like I have a "spidey-sense" about aliens, since I generally can figure out when they are involved in a story pretty quickly.] I had already figured out the big secret about halfway through the book and was disappointed with how it was handled. Short and sweet isn't really the way to handle the situation.  Spoiler [If you are going to shoot people into another world, at least have them spend more than 50 pages of a 300+ page book in that other world.] Overall, the story was interesting but not one that I loved. It was okay, but I probably wouldn't recommend and I won't be continuing the series.

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