Rating Descriptions

Generally, my star ratings follow the Goodreads definitions, but here are the definitions in my own words so you have a better idea of what I mean when I rate a book.  Thanks to Kari over at Kari's Crowded Bookshelf for creating the images and allowing me to use them.

1 star - Strongly disliked the book.  Would never ever recommend to anyone and wish I had never picked up the book in the first place.  I try to avoid this rating except when absolutely necessary.

1.5 stars -  Disliked the book, but didn't absolutely hate it.  Still wouldn't recommend.

2 stars - The book was just okay.  I didn't hate it, didn't love it and probably won't remember it a few days after reading.  I may recommend to specific people who I feel would enjoy the story, but not for just anyone.

2.5 stars - Still just okay, but leaning more towards the good side.  The story was a little more memorable and I might recommend to a specific reading group.

3 stars - Liked the book, but not a favorite.  There were some aspects that either annoyed me or I just plain didn't enjoy.  May continue the series and would probably recommend.

3.5 stars - Liked and may end up rereading later on.  Will continue the series, and will recommend.  Still not a favorite, but still a decent book.

4 stars - Loved the book.  Would recommend to just about anyone I meet.  Very few aspects annoyed or irritated me and the plot was original.  Well-written gets bonus points. :)

5 stars - Absolutely loved, all-time favorite book that comes highly recommended from me.  Generally extremely well-written and original.  A book that will definitely be purchased for my bookshelves.

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