Monday, July 30, 2012

Fairy Bad Day Review

Fairy Bad Day**3 stars**
July 31, 2012
Paperback Edition

A fun, unusual Buffy-like story.  I enjoyed the idea of the students "specializing" in different creature slayings rather than having a ton of super-slayers running around all the time.  I initially did not like Emma as she spent a good majority of the book whining and complaining, but she finally mellowed out by the end of the book.  Still not my favorite character, but she became tolerable.  I absolutely loved the fairies and their sarcasm.  Skittle-eating, Starbucks-stealing, blog-reading fairies who love hanging out at malls?  Yes please!  I was a little confused by the darkhel's description and ended up just picturing him as a dragon with clothes,  which is sort of how it was described, but I was expecting it to be more fairy-like than dragon-like.  The romance aspect of the book was meh.  Not really believable, slightly ridiculous, but that is usually my opinion on all things romance.  At least there wasn't the typical YA love triangle.  Overall, a good read and would recommend for Buffy fans.

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